Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Lardies Xmas Special out now!

The TooFatLardies have released their latest seasonal special packed to the gunnels with stuff for almost all their sets of rules.

This time we're being treated to over 120 pages of fascinating content including:
  • Campaign – An AWI campaign for Sharp Practice and Tea Taxes & Tories
  • Bocage Bustin' – an article on US tactics for dealing with the bocage for TW&T and IABSM
  • The Game to End All Games – a solo WW1 scenario for Through the Mud and the Blood (TTM&TB) but translatable to other periods
  • I Wish to Amuse the Fleet with a Signal – Command and Control in Kiss Me Hardy
  • Bag the Hun Walkthrough – a step by step guide to Bag the Hun 2
  • Get Your Frickin' Tentacle Out of my Face – Sci-Fi variant for I Ain't Been Shot Mum
  • The Laziest TW&T of All – More rule ideas to simplify Troops Weapons & Tactics
  • Allan Watermain and the Tomb of the Prophet – Pulp adventure scenario for TTM&TB
  • The Second Seminole War – A guide to the war for Sharp Practice
  • Two Men of Talavera – A Le Feu Sacre III scenario for the Peninsular
  • The Defence of Crap Island – A Japanese amphibious landing scenario for the Pacific
  • Thanks Heavens for Fellatio! – a scenario for Sharp Practice
  • Rating Commanders for They Couldn't Hit An Elephant
  • Revenge at Camp El Juba – An If the Lord Spares Us scenario
  • Heroes of the Hearthrug – An overview of the author of Carpet Campaign's life.
  • Carpet Campaigns – A 1910 rule set for toy soldier battles
  • The Savio River Crossing – A vietnam scenario for TW&T
  • Una, Grande y Libre – A SCW scenario for Triumph of the Will
  • Escape from the `Joy – A 1920 Irish Prison Break for TTM&TB
  • Taking Command – ideas for a battalion level version of IABSM
  • Totensontag – A desert war scenario for IABSM
  • Strike Wing – A Bag the Hun scenario
It's available as a PDF download from their website for a fiver.

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