Thursday, 27 August 2009

More British Civil War from Musketeer

Musketeer have shown some previews of their next 1938 figures, this time it's brigands and they look very interesting:


  1. I always find something different on your blog. That's what makes it interesting.
    Nice figues. Never heard of British Civile war game.

  2. John

    The figures are for the alternative timeline from 1938:A Very British Civil War where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and the government resigned. With Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts stepping into the political void the scene was set for a civil war.

    I did a brief overview of the source book here:

  3. Hello Al,

    I was just taking a second, well maybe a third or forth look at these figures and suddenly thought they would be useful for 1941 Commonwealth troops on Crete.

    It was a make do affair of improvisation as many of the troops had been kicked out of Greece with little equipment to hand. Likewise the local Greek forces were interesting.

    Just finished reading the late Alan Clarks Crete book!

    Best Wishes

  4. Geordie

    As you may have seen from a couple of the previous posts I have played a couple of Crete games with my mate Lenin (no not the dead one!). We've generally used Crusader figures for the regulars but were actually thinking of some Musketeer figures for the less regular troops for an upcoming game.


  5. Aside from the tommy gunner top right, these figures are straight out of the movie, Things to Come. They are shown there, in the Battle of the Coal Fields.

    Wish the figs were available, but the site is down.

  6. Just checked and the site seems to be back up.