Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gaming ADD Strikes Again

Despite not having any of the following on my projects list for this year I have found myself distracted from the planned projects by a few interesting sidelines - some of which I have actually begun "investing" in:

28mm Sudan
I have been admiring the Perry Miniatures Sudan figures for some time and following a recent (much smaller scale game) my interest was rekindled. I rather rashly put in an order and with amazing speed the figures arrived. I have also picked up a couple of suitable buildings and a steamer so I have plenty of scenario ideas!

28mm Dahomey
This is another period of interest which has been restarted. I initially read about the French conquest of Dahomey in Douglas Porch's book on the French Foreign Legion and I have been contemplating picking up some of the Dixon Miniatures figures for it.

28mm Sahara
Yet another colonial period but the French Foreign Legion once again. I do already have some of the Redoubt Enterprises March or Die range and I have been thinking of building this up to allow for larger forces to be deployed on each side.

As a result of all this renewed interest in colonial I suspect a couple of my other projects will take a back seat for a while. I may also get distracted again once my Front Rank Napoleonics come back from the painter!


  1. I am actually thinking of buying some of the new plastic Early Imperial Roman miniatures from warlord. I haven't finished my late Roman yet - and that has been on the go for almost ten years. Sigh


  2. Glad to see you still retain a reactive capacity in your strategic planning. Others might say like a magpie pretty things attract your attention ;)

    Great to see the wealth and diversity of your interests Al. The only regret is that we are no longer down with the Exiles on a Thursday night.

    Best Wishes

  3. John - if unfinished projects were a guarantee of longevity I would be in with a shot to be the new Methuselah!

    Al - I was planning to hold off on pics until the figures were painted as the terrain etc. is Colonial Steamboat and the steamer from PMC both via eBay

    Geordie - I suspect I bear a passing resemblance to the talking dog in Up - Squirrel!