Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Weekend of Wargaming on the Horizon

Lenin will be paying another visit in a couple of weeks and I'm in the process of preparing the games I'll be putting on. I'm also putting a 20mm WW2 game on at the club on Thursday so I've got a lot to do.

The current plan for the weekend has me hosting a 1938 A Very British Civil War game using my 28mm Musketeer Miniatures and Two Hour Wargames' CR3.0 rules; a Spanish Civil War game with my 28mm Anglian Miniatures and the TooFatLardies' Through the Mud & the Blood (with a few appropriate special rules) and a 15mm Sudan game using Peter Pig's Patrols in the Sudan.

At the moment Lenin is planning the next game in the WW2 Crete campaign (28mm with Cr3.0), some weirdness using the Fear and Faith rules and a 15mm game using Ambush Alley.

Of course the weekend is a couple of weeks away so it's possible that lots of these might change depending on whether the preparations go well or badly!

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