Saturday, 20 June 2009

Summer of Lard 2009

It's that time of year and the Lardies have just released their latest summer special. This year it's 120 pages of fun including:

Algernon Pulls a Fast One: a fast play variant of their Algernon Pulls it Off WW1 air rules
Bloody Halfaya: A scenario for I Ain't Been Shot Mum (IABSM) set during the 1941 Operation Battleaxe
The Battle of Salem Church: A scenario for They Couldn't Hit an Elephant (TCHAE), their ACW rules.
Sid's Trenches: A guide to making your own trench system
Playing Fast & Loose: A guide to designing your own kriegsspiel games
Like a Rollin' Stonne: Another IABSM scenario, this time for 1940 France
Blue Swastika Rampant: A aricle on Winter War air combat and Bag the Hun
Action at Balls Bluff: Ideas for using Sharp Practice in the American Civil War plus a scenario
Meet the Fokkers: A Winter War scenario for Bag the Hun
Jean Has a Long Moustache: WW2 French Resistance scenarios for IABSM and Troops Weapons & Tactics (TW&T)
Attack on Camp El Juba: An If The Lord Spares Us scenario in WW1 Mesopotamia
Ils ne Passeront Pas: A Through the Mud & the Blood (TTM&TB) WW1 scenario
Go West: An article on ACW commanders in the western theatre for TCHAE
Hurrah for Toad: Ideas for using Big Men in IABSM who are less like heros and more like Toad from the Wind in the Willows
Mama Told Me Not to Come: A Portuguese Guinea scenario from the 1970's for IABSM or TW&T using the B'Maso supplement
The Battle of Alcaniz: A Le Feu Sacre scenario
Another Lazy TW&T: An article on simplifying TW&T this time focussing on armour
The War on Trenches: A article on working with Kalistra's trenches
Bag the Hun 2: An introduction the new edition of the WW2 air rules
Somme Enchanted Evening: A 1916 scenario TTM&TB
Six of the Best: Another Winter War Bag the Hun scenario
Fondler's Filly: A Sharp Practice scenario following on from those in The Compleat Fondler

Having only got it today I haven't had a chance to read through it all yet! But it looks like another excellent special from the Lardies and well worth the £5 for the PDF.


  1. Al,
    i am tempted to buy a copy of Fantastic Worlds. Do you know anything about it?

  2. I've played Fantastic Worlds a couple of times. It uses the same basic mechanics as Rattrap's other rulesets. As with .45 Adventure it's designed to allow you to play several small scenarios back to back giving a more cinematic feel. Each character has stats which are attached to the hit locations so they reduce as damage is taken. It also includes special skills/attributes to replicate the pulp abilities. The rules give you all the necessary equipment, aliens and the like to allow you to recreate pulp SF.

    There are a demo rules and scenarios which you can download for free from Rattrap's website if you'd like to try before you buy.