Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gaming Weekend - Day Two

Day two of Lenin's visit saw us playing two 28mm tabletop games and a boardgame:

Through the Mud and the Blood Playtest
Having read the new Too Fat Lardies rules I was keen to get them to the table to see how they played. I created a simple scenario with a single section, an HMG team and two big men (one level 2 and one level 1) of the BEF in trenches facing an assault by four gruppe of Germans with three big men (one level 3, one level 2 and two level 1). I had rated all as veterans with good morale and included the Mad Minute card for the BEF.

Both sides started on blinds but as soon as the first German unit was spotted the HMG opened up but to, much to our surprise, not much effect; however, the next round of firing changed that! Unfortunately for the Germans their big men were clearly leading from the front as they quickly suffered casualties from the lower ranks and didn't get replacements. By the time they had managed to cause some damage to the BEF their force was so depleted and had accumulated so many shock points that they began to withdraw.

We learned a lot from the scenario. Firstly that I hadn't balanced it terribly well! Secondly, that whilst there are elements from Sharp Practice it has enough differences and period flavour to give a quite different game. And finally, that it's fun!

This will certainly be on the agenda for the next visit.

A Town Called Malice
We then moved on to a Wild West scenario using my new Brigade Games figures and the Two Hour Wargames Six Gun Sound rules (the original ones rather than the Blaze of Glory version).

After a drunken brawl at the Jewel Saloon Sheriff Ballcock had locked up Rick Buckler, one of the members of the Weller Gang. Of course the gang were having none of that and came into two to spring Rick.We managed to play the scenario twice. The first time with me as the Weller gang and Lenin as the Sheriff and the second with the roles reversed. My gang didn't last very long as the Sheriff managed to get the drop on each of them and polished them off with a single shot each! I didn't fare too well the second time around either. If it hadn't been for the intervention of the townsfolk, in the shape of Adversity Jane and Al Cursengine, the game would have been over very quickly. As it was the Wellers got sprang Rick but left their leader lying in the main street of Malice.

Marathon 490BC
We finished the day off with a game of Commands & Colo(u)rs Ancients with a scenario from the first expansion Greece vs the Eastern Kingdoms. As always it was an entertaining game.

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