Sunday, 21 December 2008

Figure Review: Brigade and Bolt Action Finns

As you may have noticed from the last Wargaming Weekend post I have already had an opportunity to get 28mm Winter War Finns to the table. Lenin has, again, made a super job of the figures and I thought it would be an idea to do a quick post on them. I have also posted some comparison shots below with the unpainted figures.

The figures are pretty compatible from a scale perspective (as you can see from the comparison shot of the officers); however, the Brigade Games figures are in full winter gear and the Bolt Action Miniatures ones are in the M36 tunics.

I was slightly worried that the Brigade winter gear would come out a little bland but they have sufficient definition for dry brushing to bring out enough of the detail to make them work.

Both sets of figures work well with my Baker Company Finns which I picked up from eBay which are also in winter gear; however, I do prefer the Brigade figures to the Bake Co ones as the poses and detail are better in my opinion.

The BAM Bofors anti-tank gun comes with its own resin base.

Finn Infantry Command/winter gear

(Unfortunately there was 1 figure missing from this pack originally but Lon from Brigade popped it in the post as soon as I told him)

Finn Infantry /winter gear I

and here's a comparison of the Brigade officer against the one from the Bolt Action command pack:

More photos can be found in my Picasa web album by clicking on the link below:

The Wargame Shed - Figure Review No. 7

All in all I am very pleased with both ranges as they provide a nice variety for my Winter War and Continuation War skirmish games.

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