Monday, 29 October 2007


I spotted that the Too Fat Lardies have managed to reprint the von Reisswitz Prussian Army Wargame Kriegsspiel so I ordered a .pdf copy of it. The book is the 1824 version of the rules with both Editor's notes and the 1828 update included. The .pdf isn't terribly printer friendly as over the first half of the book has coloured backgrounds to the pages.

The Lardies also produce scenarios and a version of the Meckel map to go with the rules and I believe Lancashire Games make the markers - so this could be yet another project (which will never get finished!).


  1. Just out of interest, how many projects have you finished? Eric

  2. Ezza - why none, of course - I'm a true gamer! Hope all goes well with the posting - but remember to keep an eye out for flat blokes with steel rimmed hats! - Al