Saturday, 4 November 2006

Another week speeds by...

I can't believe a week has passed already. Unfortunately I haven't got into the habit of making posts yet but I'm sure that will come. The wargaming highlights this week have been getting a copy of Algernon Pulls It Off! the WW1 air rules from the Too Fat Lardies and an excellent Russian Civil War game using Triumph of the Will also from the Lardies. I'm working through the Guards to Poltava campaign from the Lardies' 2006 Summer special and whilst the Whites have won the first two games they are getting slowly worn down. Only time will tell whether they will get all the way to Poltava. As to Algy I intend to make this the subject of one of a "First Look" slots where I give you my first thoughts on sets of rules I've yet to play. These will be followed up by a full review once I have played them a few times to make sure I'm giving a proper picture of the rule set.

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