Friday, 18 May 2012

First Look: Bush Wars

Bush Wars is the sixth supplement for Force on Force and, as you might have guessed from the title, covers conflicts in Africa between 1960 and 2010.  The book runs to 144 pages plus 6 pages of Fog of War cards (9 per page).

After a brief introduction the book has five sections covering various periods of conflict in Africa each with its own overview and set of scenarios.  This is then followed by a large range of sample unit organisations, vehicle information and a brief miniatures guide.  It's finished off with a glossary and acronym guide (essential for Africa), bibliography, artwork references and the Fog of War cards.  The book is in the standard style we have come to expect from Osprey Force on Force, full colour with various illustrations and photos of miniatures.

The conflicts covered are:

  • The Congo Crisis, 1960-66
  • The Portuguese Colonial Wars
  • The Rhodesian Bush War, 1964-1979
  • The South African Border War, 1966-89
  • Recent conflicts focussing in particular on Operation Barras in Sierra Leone
The organisation section provides units for each of the conflicts.

Overall this looks like an excellent addition to the Force on Force library and I am really looking forward to reading through it properly.

It's currently available from Amazon at a decent discount from the £14.99 RRP:


  1. Oh no! I can see more temptation heading our way! I assume you've seen these?

  2. I've had my eye on those for a little while - unfortunately whilst they are nice figures they are a little more on the expensive side.

  3. Hello Al,

    There seems to be a lot of secret things slipping into the public eye now from these little (but you have to say nasty) wars. They are catching my interest too.

    I am just half way through Storm Front by Rowland White, 1970's deniable operations from seconded HM officers in the Army/Air Force and Navy fighting indirectly/directly their Warsaw Pact/Chinese counterparts - mini Vietman is one way of thinking about it

    The forces in particular are perfect for skirmish or bath-tub campaigns as Oman could field approximately an infantry brigade of regular/irregular troops

    Look forward to see what you do :)

    1. Often these "little wars" can be a good way into another area as they don't require a huge "investment". I already have some suitable toys from my AK47 collection which haven't seen the table in some while - but some of the 28mm Eureka figures are looking rather twmpting...

    2. I agree it is a viable excuse for my moderns "odds and sods" of 20mm 1/72 I have hanging around for no apparent reason

      The Caesar 20mm Terrorist plastic figures are ideal for this!

    3. This is exactly the reason you keep stuff around - it will always be useful at some point - never sell or, god forbid, throw stuff out!! Hoard!