Friday, 29 January 2010

Wargames Weekend: The Rail Yards at Toko-Ro

Next up was an air game, which is something we haven't played in a long while. Lenin provided the terrain, a Hotz mat and some 1/300 Korean War aircraft. We used Bag the MiG, the Korean War version of Bag the Hun from the TooFatLardies with me playing the Koreans in their MiG15s. I rolled up my pilots on the tables and managed to get a rather uninspiring one regular and seven sprogs.

As with most of the Lardies rules we started the game on blinds and built the initiative deck as the game progressed and things were spotted (although there's no Tea Break equivalent in this set of rules). Lenin's blinds spotted me almost straight away but I had terrible luck trying to spot his blinds and consequently got bounced by on of his flights.

We did a lot of manoeuvring but my pilots found it very difficult to stay in formation and he managed to bag a couple of my MiGs. However, I got lucky and bagged one of his aircraft too. I did get a little frustrated when I emptied my entire 8 seconds (apparently this has been enhanced for playability from the real 6 seconds) of ammunition into one of his aircraft but failed to roll any damage on the table.

In the end I actually managed to win, less because of my prowess at flying, and more because Lenin had terrible trouble lining up on the target and consequently didn't satisfy his victory conditions.

I must admit I didn't find the Koreans terribly satisfying to play for a number of reasons but given the actual kill ratios maybe this is accurate. I think we need to try the vanilla rules (or even the WW1 variant) to see how those play.


  1. Apparently there is a new version of Bag the Hun coming soon, to be followed by a WWI version.

  2. I believe the Lardies are indeed revamping Bag the Hun. I have the WW1 version but have only read it - it looks interesting but I need to work out how I'm going to base my diecast aircraft in order to try them out. I see you have succumbed to the Wings of War planes (and very nice they look too!).

  3. The 1/300 kit Mig-15's and Banshee look very collectable, where are they from? Navwar?

  4. The aircraft are Lenin's and he thinks he got them from Scotia Grendel:

  5. Hmm, thanks Al, very tempting

    I now see the US plane is a Panther not a Banshee

  6. raiden miniatures have a Mig-!5 in 1/285 that is just finiahed mastering..

    if its as good as the WW2 stuff I have itll be fantastic.

    Ah the panther had no better pilot than william holden!

    BTH2 has rules fr jets and is now on pre-order for PDF and book sale,.
    its being printed now and will be dispatched feb 22nd.