Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stage 3 Projects

And now onto the "real" projects:

28mm Greek Myth
I have a set of rules, Typhon and have "invested" in some suitable Foundry and Eureka figures and even have some terrain but I now need the figures painted. Given the superb job that Lenin did on his own figures I was a bit cheeky and asked him to paint mine up - clearly he is waiting for his muse...

15mm Alexander the Great
I started this with a low investment approach by getting a couple of DBA armies. This has expanded to 4 (Alexandrian Macedonian, Persian, Greek and Thracian) plus a few ancillary items to widen the scope (elephants anyone). But the original plan was to move to massed battles (much as I like DBA). My main stumbling block has been finding a set of suitable rules - particularly as I am looking for ones which actually provide some period feel.

28mm Montrose
I bought some Redoubt figures for this more years ago than I would care to remember and whilst they are now painted I have yet to base them. This has mainly been down to settling on a set of rules. I originally purchased For God, King and Country by the Canadian Wargames Group and whilst these are fun they didn't quite do it for me. I've not got a copy of To The Banners which I am hoping may be the answer.

25mm French Revolution
I picked up some of the Foundry figures as a result of Lenin reducing his lead mountain. I am planning to do this at a skirmish level using the Gloire rules. I even have some suitable buildings which I picked up from eBay (although luckily with Gloire you only need to fill 2' x 2'!).

28mm Dahomey
Another project started from Lenin's desire to reduce the load on his joists! I have always been fascinated by the French Foreign Legion and so this seemed a perfect opportunity to do something a little different with them. I have now ordered the balance of the figures I will need from Dixon and have plumped for Two Hour Wargames' Colonial Adventures rules to start.

28mm WW1 Eastern Front / Russian Civil War
I have lumped these two together because the common factor is Musketeer Miniatures' lovely WW1 Russian figures. I picked some up at last year's Cavalier show but I am waiting until they release the figures with greatcoats to move on as I also have some of the ex-HLBS Archangel intervention figures and with the addition of some Copplestone figures I could cover quite a lot.

28mm WW2 Eastern Front
Given that I have a winter gaming mat and suitable German troops (both bought largely for the Bulge!) I have always been keen to expand this out to include Eastern Front. I managed to pick up a Corgi T34 from eBay and I have a few figures painted but for a decent game I knew I would need more so I took advantage of The Wargames Command Post's recent sale and bought some more Bolt Action figures. Our "go to" set of WW2 rules, Nuts!, will be the obvious choice here.

I suspect if I have a look around my games room I may stumble on some more but I think that's enough to be going on with!


  1. hi, i can happily suggest and recomend trying out basic impetus for the ancients.. we also play a lot of the 'songs of blades and heros' rules sets fo skirmish games, core rules with period flavour?


  2. Shaun - someone else suggested Impetus as a possible rule set. I'm going to get the free version to see whether it does it for me. If so I can then move onto the real thing!

    John - I can only really post some first impressions of Typhon as we've only played it once (which was fun) - I need my other figures to put on a game that will do the rules justice though