Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

With a few days off around Easter I thought it might be an idea to sort out the games room. As usual I had massively underestimated both the amount of stuff I have and the scale of the task.

So here I am, about half way through, having sorted the wheat from the chaff (the latter currently in the garage awaiting either an eBay posting or the dustman) and reorganised what remains (almost). I fully intend to actually label the boxes this time (especially as my memory seems to be getting progressively less reliable) and eventually compile a complete inventory of everything I have.

Surprisingly, I haven't found too much that I had forgotten I had but have found rather too much that I haven't done much with. As a result I am going to re-examine some of my priorities in order to get a couple of stalled projects to the table this year. Mind you it will come as no surprise that the ones which have stalled have been those missing one of the essential ingredients (figures, terrain, rules, scenarios) and I will need to fill the gaps in order to move these ones forward.

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