Saturday, 11 November 2006

A quick update and ParcelForce rant

Not much gaming this week but I have been reading a couple of new rule sets which I'll shortly post First Looks for. I'm also working on a couple of full reviews which will make an appearance shortly.

As an aside aren't ParcelForce utterly useless? They tried to deliver a package to us on Monday when we were out, left a note saying we could pick it up from the local post office after 3pm on Tuesday, then left after driving over the lawn! To pick stuff up from the post office requires going into town and paying for parking - so not exactly convenient - but did it anyway and low and behold they don't know anything about any parcel. Of course the parcel reference on the note looked like it had been written by a barely literate drunked chimp so tracking the parcel on the web wasn't possible. Tried ringing ParcelFarce and after several attempts actually managed to speak to a human being rather than their labyrinthine automatic menu system. Apparently the parcel was actually at the depot (about 30 miles away) and marked as "return to sender". This is somewhat at odds with ParcelFarce's policy to try to deliver twice (they hadn't) and to keep packages for three weeks (they'd had it a whole 3 days). Maybe there's somesort of wormhole in Tonbridge and time passes differently there? Anyway we agreed they would redeliver (but not before 8:30 to make sure someone was in) and to avoid driving on the lawn. So they did redeliver (at 8:10! Possibly that wormhold effect again) and drove even further over the lawn! I suppose we did actually get the parcel (yup we'd guessed they'd not be able to tell the time and had someone house sitting in case - it does indeed pay to be paranoid).

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