Saturday, 11 November 2006

First Look: Montjoie!

Montjoie! is a set of medieval rules by Ken Sidenblad, edited by Bob Minadeo and produced by Ed Teixeira of Two Hour Wargames.

The rules have similarities to other Two Hour Wargame sets in both format and mechanisms but obviously do not rely on the In Sight test of their modern counterparts like Chain Reaction 2. So the concepts of “Rep” as the main measures of a figure’s effectiveness and “passing dice” are retained along with elements of the ranged and melee combat tables; however, the rules are more geared around groups and encompass the necessary features relating to armour and the focus on hand to hand combat.

A campaign system is included allowing your “Stars” to progress to command greater numbers of troops and attributes have also been included. There are even rules for sieges. Army lists are provided for most of the main medieval wars and forces.

The rules are available from Two Hour Wargames as a 40 page .pdf for $14.00.

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