Saturday, 18 November 2006

First Look: Division Commander

Division Commander is, as you might expect, a Divisional level set of World War 2 rules from Bruce McFarlane.

The rules bear a passing resemblence in some areas to Bruce McFarlane's previous Second World War offering Great Battles of World War II (GBoWW2). In this case a Battalion, rather than a Company, is the smallest manoeuver unit and hence the rules operate at that higher (and more abstract) level.

As with GBoWW2 the rules are designed to play large multi-day operations and include all the appropriate mechanisms to enable this. The layout and presentation somewhat detract from the rules but they do contain the rules (with a FAQ section), army lists and three scenarios (Counterattack at Arras, El Almein (sic): Operations Lightfoot and Supercharge, and Mud at Mtsensk).

The rules are available as a Adobe .pdf download from Saber's Edge Hobbies & Games at $24.99 CDN.

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