Saturday, 25 February 2017

Still here...

Just in case anyone was wondering, I haven't fallen off the planet but a combination of various other issues combined with having got out of the habit of posting has meant quiet a bit of radio silence over the last few months.

I have actually been gaming, although slightly less frequently and I do have a backlog of pictures (and if I can actually recall) descriptions of games from the last few months to post.  I have also been making some halting progress with a couple of projects - so there is quite a bit of material there too.

My current issue is having only a limited amount of time and several new (or newish) projects on mind and, in one case, on the painting table (something that really doesn't happen very frequently).  So here's a quick run down of things that are currently in the works:

Indian Mutiny (no, I know this isn't a new one) - my first unit of the wonderful Iron Duke figures
Marlburian (ok, so this isn't new either) - some Danes and French allies are coming
ACW (actually my oldest project) - some additional more visually interesting units to bring this one back to life
Maximilian in Mexico (this one has been a very long time coming) - I now have all the figures I think I need and a set of rules
WW1 Eastern Front (this genuinely is new) - 15mm Russians and Austro-Hungarians are in the works for some scenarios in Galicia using Battles with Brusilov
Franco Prussian - I haven't actually started buying any figures for this yet as I am trying to settle on which of the several sets of rules I am going to go with so I can sort out numbers and basing etc.

These along with a backlog of buildings to build or paint should keep my pretty busy this year.  If I can just get back into the habit of putting something out regularly...


  1. Great to hear from you Al and really looking forward to seeing your Iron Duke miniatures, the Mutiny is a firm favourite with me.

  2. No worries, it's a hobby not a job. :)

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