Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!

With the old year on its way out and the New Year hoving into view I thought I would have a quick look back on my progress in 2013 and forward to my gaming plans for 2014.

At the start of the year I was rather cautious about declaring my projects for 2013 and only announced a single one -  Muskets & Tomahawks in 28mm.  As a result I can claim to have completed my planned projects for the year (for the first time ever)!  Of course I do have a few other things that I mentioned I might do (most of which were hang overs from previous years) and towards which I mad rather poorer progress:

28mm Mahdist War - The second phase - Khartoum - was a possible for 2013 but didn't make it past the budget review!

28mm Indian Mutiny - finishing off the figures in the painting queue and picking up some additional Gentlemen Volunteer and additional Bengal cavalry was to be part of my 2013 plans.  I did indeed pick up the additional figures but none of them have seen a brush as yet (although I do plan to get them moving in 2014).  I still haven't got around to trying out John Company yet though...

28mm Early War Polish - I am currently basing the (understrength) platoon of these but the SdKfz 221 and TKS are still in the (possibly in appropriately named) WIP box - so I am remain somewhat behind my original plan (2012) and also behind my revised plan (to get them on the table early in the first quarter of 2013).

15mm Marlburian - Not only have all of the figures for the second phase been purchased, most are painted and a goodly number are being based up at the moment.  I am a little late on this one (largely due to real life intruding - or I might have made the planned date).  I am now contemplating phase 3 (which will see Bavarians being added to the French and some more Allies) but that will depend on the budget review for next year.

28mm Montrose - Not only did I get all of the figures based I also managed to get them to the table.  I am still not entirely decided on Pike & Shotte for the rules and I suspect I may need to add some more figures.

25mm French Revolution - The only thing continuing to hold back the basing of these is making a decision on the ground terrain (i.e. what colour).  Not terribly impressive as this was my excuse two years ago!  I will be finishing them in 2014 (probably...)

28mm RCW/WW1 Eastern Front - I didn't really plan to progress this project again this year!

28mm WW2 Paras - I have picked up the further squad for the Bolt Action US Paras to make up the platoon and plan to get these off for painting in the new year.  I have also picked up a couple more Bren guns for my British Paras to bring them up to the proper Chain of Command platoon strength.

28mm WW1 Belgians - I was hoping that these would be used before the end of 2013; however they remain in the WIP box - I would really like to get them to the table in 2014 if possible though.

15mm Early WW2 - I still have quite a few more of these to base up - so that's another thing for the new year- but did manage to add a decent amount to my collection of 4Ground buildings.

28mm Dark Ages - I didn't even get started on the refresh for this one!

28mm Crusades - Deus Vult entirely failed to spark a resurgence of interest for this project and so I didn't actually do much other than set up a single game with my existing figures - only to find that I don't really have enough (which may explain why I haven't done anything more)!

As to plans for 2014 I have settled on two new projects - one large and one smaller:

15mm Wars of the Roses - I have been meaning to start a larger medieval project and, having visited Towton this year I think that was what swayed me to WotR.  I have already started to supplement my library and have decided to go with the Peter Pig range.  Now I just need to decide between the Canadian Wargamers Group Flower of Chivalry rules and A Coat of Steel rules from the Perfect Captain.

28mm Ronin - I really liked the look of the rules and also the various Buntai being produced by North Star.  And now that 4Ground have added some buildings I am struggling to resist.

I still have some other ideas, largely revolving around expanding some of my existing collection - 28mm WW2 (mainly for Chain of Command) and 15mm ACW (Fire & Fury) but all of the above will depend on how the finances look for next year (and having just received yet another bill through the post I have some concerns there!)


  1. That's certainly some list you have there Al, I'll look forward to the WotR armies, Peter Pigs range are very nice indeed!! I wish you all the best in 2014.

    1. It's probably too large - which, I suspect, is why some of them don't progress as fast as I would like! I'm now champing at the bit to get started on WotR but I need to do a bit of planning first. I suspect it may be a little way into next year before anything worthwhile actually materialises!

      All the best for 2014 to you to Ray!

  2. That's one heck of a list of projects...

    1. Judging by my rate of progress (or lack thereof) on some of them I suspect I may have over stretched myself but then life is about challenges isn't it?

  3. 2014 looks like it should be a blast! Here's to a great year.

    1. I'm hoping so - all the best for a happy and prosperous New Year Michael!

  4. Happy New Year...hope it all goes plan :)

  5. What a lot of beautiful projects...French revolution, Dark ages, Crusades, War of the Roses...sounds like a great year!

    1. Cheers Phil - The only thing I need to do is to actually make some progress with them!