Friday, 2 August 2013

Another 4Ground Wagon

Having already put together one of the 4Ground general purpose wagons, I picked up another to finish in the alternative configuration.  Here are a couple of pictures of the finished item (incidentally this kit does not come pre-painted):

and a couple with the previous one for comparison:

With a Wargames Foundry figure for scale


  1. Nice wagons. They look pretty good. How many horses does it look like you could place with that? 2 or 4?

    1. I suspect it depends on how you want to represent the harness - I'm pretty sure you could manage four. I have a team of four for a Dixon stagecoach (which needs rebasing) and they look ok with them (although I haven't bothered with the harness etc.

  2. They look good, i've ordered one along with a maxim machine gun to make a Tachanka.