Sunday, 18 November 2012

WSS: The Royal Irish

The fifth unit for my War of Spanish Succession project is Frederick Hamilton's Regiment of Foot (eventually to be come the 18th Foot). In 1704 the regiment marched with Marlborough to the Danube where it participated in the Battle of the Schellenberg and then Blenheim. The following year Frederick Hamilton retired and sold his commission to Richard Ingoldsby (who had been colonel of the 23rd). Under Ingoldsby the regiment was present at the forcing of the Brabant Lines and in 1706 the Battle of Ramillies and the siege of Menin. It was also at the Battles of Oudenaarde and Malplaquet. Ingoldsby died in 1712 and was succeeded by Lieutenant-Colonel Stearne.

Once again the figures are Black Hat and the flag is from Warflag.


  1. A fine looking regt Al!!!! You have been busy!!!

    1. Thanks Ray. I've been working away on these for a while now - it's only now I'm in a position to take some pics and put them on the site. There will be some more over the next couple of days.