Sunday, 14 October 2012

SELWG 2012

So SELWG has come and gone for another year.  Once again I travelled across to Crystal Palace, although this time more than ever to catch up with people rather than to fill my shopping list.

Overall it was very similar to previous years, perhaps a little less well attended (that's just a guess though) but still quite a few there.  Unfortunately a couple of the traders I would have bought from dropped out late on but there was still a decent selection there.

It was quite hot - especially in the cafe area which was like a greenhouse - but I shouldn't really complain given we haven't seen too much of the sun recently.

I managed to catch up with some old friends, plus those legends of the blogosphere Ray from Don't Throw a One and The Angry Lurker who once again showed tremendous forbearance with a cheeky blighter and amateur blogger like me (although I would have liked to have seen the poolside reaction to their manly frames in speedos - all those young ladies swooning!)

I also managed to catch up with game designer, regular celebrity guest on Meeples & Miniatures and all round top chap, Rich Jones - it was great to be able to a face to the name!

There were some nice looking games at the show, although I did recognise a couple from Broadside.  No pictures unfortunately as the wife went off with both our cameras by mistake.

I didn't pick up to much in the way of toys but did get a couple of the 15mm 4Ground buildings - so I'll be seeing how assembling them compares to the larger 28mm ones and then posting my experiences.   I also picked up another squad of Bolt Action 28mm US Airborne from Warlord and another book to add to my Marlburian collection.   Hopefully it will help me keep up the focus I need to actually get the project to the table.

Overall another worthwhile outing and I look forward to next year's show.  I suspect SELWG will be my last show for 2012 - so roll on Cavalier 2013 (assuming it's on - as TWWS haven't posted anything yet).


  1. Me in Speedo's is a big big no no, but Fran? Just forget it, although I'd pay money for it and the pics would be everywhere!!! Nice to have a chat once face to face once again Al!

  2. It was good to me you again Al, speedo's...I don't think so!

  3. Good to meet both of you again. I think gentlemen of a certain age (and I include myself here!) should refrain from certain types of bathing wear!