Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ramillies 1706 - Year of Miracles

Having read and enjoyed James Falkner's book on Blenheim, I decided to pick up the companion volume on Marlborough's next major victory - the Battle of Ramillies.

As you might expect this book is written is the same style as the Blenheim one and so is quite accessible.  It is only a fraction longer than the other volume, coming in at 144 pages.  Unfortunately it lacks an Order of Battle but otherwise I found it an excellent primer on the battle.

The book starts with some biographical notes which is pretty handy if you aren't familiar with the main characters of the period, especially as some have proper names along with their titles.

In a way Ramillies was a greater victory for Marlborough than Blenheim despite the fame of the latter, as it was won without the help of Prince Eugene of Savoy and against a French force of almost equal size in a good defensive position.

I have now moved on to Falkner's larger and broader volume - Great and Glorious Days - which covers some of the same ground as the Battleground volumes but much more besides.


  1. Interesting looking book, I'll keep my eye out for this!!

  2. I think Ramillies is a more interesting battle to read about (as are some of the other lesser known battles) than blenheim being a bit less set piece. Haven't read the book myself but I'll look out for it as I like his writing.

  3. I'm not sure I would pay the RRP - I managed to pick it up for a lot less which made a lot more sense

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