Monday, 18 July 2011

The Mutiny: Badmashes

And now some figures from Mutineer Miniatures:


  1. Fantastic! I particularly like the command group, will have to add to my wish list. All the best, Michael

  2. Nice collection especially since you've mixed manufacturers up nicely

    I'm "struggling with myself" to either keep to Wargames Foundry Renaissance(though a tad expensive) or mix and match with other 28mm Metals (Redoubt Enterprise) or wait for the Perry's Plastics (but that is a Xmas present

    Have you had a chance to have a go at Impetus yet, it seems to be the thinking mans upgrade alternative to DBA (totally new rule system)

  3. Thanks.

    Geordie - I suspect Foundry and Redoubt may not mix well as the latter are usually quite large. I have tried Impetus but only once and I would like to have another go and a read of the rules; however, I don't really want to be getting into anything new at the moment!

  4. "I don't really want to be getting into anything new at the moment!"

    Explain those 15mm Malburians ;)

    Thanks for the information on the Redoubt figures

  5. Ah, the Marlburians, I seem to remember I bought those before the house move - so they don't count!

    It's always worth seeing figures next to one another before "investing" as they can be pretty different in size even if described as the same "scale" (25/28mm is one of the worst for this IMHO)