Sunday, 12 June 2011

Broadside 2011

I went along to the new wargames show at Sittingbourne today and met up with a couple of friends. For a first show I thought they had put together a pretty decent selection of traders and games. There were a smattering of better known names and some smaller traders but it was difficult to tell what type of business the were doing - which will be crucial for the future of the show.

There were a few nice looking games on show and I picked up a few bits and pieces (but was pretty restrained due to our impending move).

I will certainly be adding the show to my calendar if they decide to make it a regular feature.


  1. I gotta agree, me and my pals went and will carry on supporting the show if the lads in Sittingbourne carry it on next year. I 'll have a few photo's from the show up on my blog in the sometime tomorrow, you never know you may be in one!

  2. Glad you got some photos - I didn't have a camera with me!