Friday, 3 December 2010

Wargames Weekend: Operation Cauldron - Part 2

With the landing a success the Commandos moved on to their main objective. With their approach covered by two MG34s the attack needed some careful co-ordination but they managed it and the MGs were soon silenced but the alarm had been raised.

Swift action by the Commandos saw them storm the wire and take the German MG positions and engage both the other German infantry position to their flank and their approaching reinforcements.

The next rush into the German infantry produced mixed results with the Germans initially fighting back with serious results but eventually being overwhelmed.

The German reinforcements tooks cover behind the hedgerow but then became trapped between two groups of Commandos and were slowly eliminated.

The German flak tower then came under fire and before it could return fire with devastating effect they took enough casualties to ensure the kept their heads down.

With the Commandos moving towards the artillery positions more German renforcements appeared; however, these weren't the garrison troops they had previously been facing but some more experienced troops.

These reinforcements took up a position between the Commandos and their objective and laid down some punishing fire. This meant each side truing to outflank each other. Initially the Germans had some success but a brave rush combined with an effective grenade throw devistated one of their positions and thngs started to come unravelled for them.

The Commandos began to mop up the last resistance and, with the artillery crews running for their lives, finally reachd their objective and disabled the guns with their satchel charges.


  1. Huzzah!

    Well done boys time to head for the beach and get some RN rum and bacon butties