Sunday, 6 July 2008

Battle of Fredericksburg

The weekend saw a reunion with some old gaming buddies and a day long re-fight of part of the Battle of Fredericksburg using 15mm figures (including my own) and Fire and Fury. I was allocated the role of Darius Couch commanding a corps containing French's, Hancock's and Howard's divisions. I was to assault the confederates behind the stone wall opposite and take Marye's heights behind them. Unfortunately, lady luck was not shining on me, as I only managed to roll over 5 in combat two times in I don't know how many melees. Although I did get over the wall twice, on each occasion the rebs managed to through me back and, in the end, with only one unit not spent I was forced to withdraw.

The Union forces as the other end of the table had varying fortunes but put the confederates under considerable pressure and, at one point, actually managed to cut the road to their rear (another of of our objectives).

The game ended in a pretty bloody draw with both troops and players pretty worn!

I managed to forget to take my camera (doh!) but here are a couple of photos courtesy of Uncle Del:

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