Friday, 4 April 2008

Crazy Dave and his Electropants

I actually managed a visit to my wargames club last night, the first in quite a while. We were treated to a Maximilian in Mexico game in 15mm using a slightly modified version of the Fire & Fury rules. The game was an adaptation of the Matehuala scenario from the Colonial Campaigns booklet by Tim Tilson.

John gave us a potted background to the Mexican Adventure comparing Maximilian to a receiver being sent in to sort out a failed company, in this case country! How Maximilian knew nothing about Mexico but managed to spend the whole trip over developing court protocols and designing uniforms rather than learning anything about it (possibly not that unusual an attitude in Colonial times?). And finally regaling us with the tale of Maximilian's final capture!

I was playing the Imperials (what else?) and our first objective was to hold the hill up up near the Republican set up area for the first three turns. We were considerably outnumbered but Bronze did an excellent job of holding them up. Certainly aided and abetted by Crazy Dave's dice luck (all bad). It gave us enough time for our French troops to arrive at the other end of the table and set up in the village ready to defend the well (another of our objectives). The unit dug in on the hill fought to the last man and the rest of Bronze's troops fell back.

Conversation was surreal as usual and as I had to leave early I now have no idea if Crazy Dave is going to reform the Electropants and go back on tour...

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