Sunday, 30 March 2008

Review: Figures in Comfort Multi Storage Case

The Multi storage cystem is one of a range of purpose made figure carrying cases from Figures in Comfort, a UK based company.

The case can be ordered with a bespoke set of trays from the large range made by Figures in Comfort either half or full sized. The half size trays are 355 x 265 x 35mm overall and vary from 35mm to 70mm deep. I ordered my case with a combination of the following tray types:

Tray No. 4 - 35mm deep and has 36 slots, each 26 x 55 x 25mm.

Tray No. 5 - 35mm deep and has 20 slots, 16 are 65 x 55 x 25mm and 4 are 26 x 55 x 25mm.

Tray No. 12 - 35mm deep and has 143 slots, 135 are 14 x 21 x 25mm and 8 are 21 x 30 x 25mm.

Tray No. 13 - 57mm deep and has 15 slots, each 88 x 38 x 47mm.

Unlike the Slotafoam tray from Charon Productions these are formed from two pieces of foam with the upper layer stuck to a lower 10mm thick base. The adhesive fixing the upper and lower parts of the trays is certainly noticeable but does not appear to affect the contents in any significant manner.

The Multi opens at the top and the front and uses velcro to secure these flaps. It is not inherently rigid, as is the Charon Scoutpack or Deluxe Skirmishpack, but rather relies on the velcro to be closed tightly around a full complement of trays. The case lacks a carrying handle as a result and so only a shoulder strap is provided; however this is firmly secured to the sides of the case. A front A4 sized pocket is provided for carrying rules etc.

In use the case is easily loaded, though to access lower trays the upper ones must be removed as there are no internal dividers.

Tray No. 12 was of limited use as the majority of the slots are extremely restrictive though I later got the revised tray for 20mm figures which is now being produced and is a substantial improvement. Whilst having usefully sized slots for 20mm vehicles Tray No. 13 is not double the thickness of the thinner trays and makes the stacks uneven. Fortunately the retailer advised me of this at the time of ordering and added an additional foam sheet to make up the difference. I presume Figures in Comfort do the same but cannot confirm this for certain.

The Multi works fine provided that you neither stress it or try to fit any irregular items into it (e.g. within egg box foam etc.) as the lack of rigidity can allow some figures to become dislodged. The cover is also less secure than the zipped arrangements of the Charon cases and so if items do "escape" they can get out of the case unless it is vertical. I found that with prolonged carrying using the shoulder strap the case would often deform. The lack of a separate carrying handle is understandable considering the construction but disappointing.

Overall, I found the Multi less satisfactory for transporting figures than the Charon or KaiserRushforth systems.
Figures in Comfort Storage Cases


  1. I don't know if anyone is having problems with Figures In Comfort however I've been waiting ten weeks for a small order to arrive and after numerous telephone call and emails they goods still haven't arrived. NOT GOOD !!!

  2. I must admit that the Multi Storage Case is the only thing I have bought from them and the service was OK but that was a little while ago. Since then I have tended to stick to the KaiserRushforth boxes.

  3. HI Anonymous- also having problems! Not sure of date you posted but today is 8/10/09.. i've emailed three times, left a voicemail and money has been taken from my paypal a/c yet no word on delivery, process of order etc. and now their site seems to have crashed!!