Saturday, 19 May 2007

How time flies...

I could make loads of excuses for the lack of posts but I'm sure noone would be in the slightest bit interested (indeed juding by the almost complete absence of comments I may simply be talking to myself!). Anyway most of my time has been spent at work and when I have had some free time I've been preparing for a big gaming weekend coming up over the Bank Holiday (so more of that after the event - including some reviews, or at least first impressions, of several games).

I did, however, manage to get along to my club this week and had a fun late roman skirmish game using Pax Romana. The result should have been a foregone conclusion since I had Eric (the Spawn of Satan) on my side but his usual spectacular dice rolling certainly wasn't in evidence so I can only assume that Beelzebub has deserted him for a more willing acolyte! In any event we seemed to have done enough to ensure victory when I had to leave a little early (I'm still waiting confirmation of the final result - so if we didn't win I'll blame it all on my colleagues snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!). Bronze, who was running the game, produced some lovely Gripping Beast toys and we're now giving some though to putting our collections together and running a big game - the jury's still out on which rules to use though...


  1. Don't worry I read your blog frequently and looking forward to hearing of developments on the Ancients big game. Eric

  2. At least I'm not talking to myself then!