Thursday, 15 November 2012

WSS: Churchill's Regiment

The third unit for my War of Spanish Succession project is Churchill's Regiment of Foot (the Buffs).

Once again the figures are Black Hat and the flag is from Warflag.  I realise there is some debate about the accuracy of the flag and I have seen a much plainer "buff" alternative; however, I much prefer this one so I went with it.


  1. No shortage red in your drawers Al ;)

    The Black Hat Army Deals for £50 look a tempting Xmas present
    But another period in another scale ....
    The water does look inviting lol

    1. My drawers are my own business thank you! :-)

      I started with a couple of the Black Hat army deals for much the same reason - plus he comes to one of my local shows which helped with keeping the postage down.

  2. Another very nice looking unit Al, the flag is a their earlier one, but it looks excellent anyway, infact I used that one for my unit when it should be the yellow one as well!!!