Saturday, 17 November 2012

New 4Ground Buildings for FIW/ACW

4Ground have just released their American Legends range which includes four 28mm buildings intended for North America which would work for both the French & Indian Wars and the American War of Independence.  There are three different styles of cabin and a blockhouse:

This is making me think about Muskets & Tomahawks again - when I should be concentrating on 15mm Marlburian!


  1. They do look nice!!!! Wish they did them in 15mm!

  2. 15mm would indeed be nice - I have seen someone using the Russian timber buildings they do but they don't quite work IMO

  3. Yeh, I've seen these too, they could be used at a pinch????

    1. Having looked at them again I think they could - the roofs are a little modern but I think you could get away with them.