Saturday, 15 March 2008

Wargaming Weekend Prep

It will shortly be time for another visit from Lenin - so I'm in the process of working out which games to run. We usually work on 4 miniatures games per weekend (which nicely splits into two a piece) along with various boardgames to fill the evening and between game sessions.

I hoping Lenin will have had a chance to finish my Artizan WW2 28mm figures so that I can use them for a Nuts! game. I'm also trying to work out an urban pulp game for .45 Adventure. Since Lenin will be doing the hard work for the WW2 game that shouldn't need too much work (other than working out the actual scenario of course) but the pulp game is likely to need some building construction as well as scenario creation. I've made a start on developing some repeat characters for a series of games and bought some 6 x 4 index cards to use for them. The Pulp Figures miniatures and recent reading have given me some inspiration though.

As to boardgames, I'm sure that Commands & Colors: Ancients is likely to get an outing and I'd like to give either Bonaparte at Marengo or Napoleon's Triumph a go but it will all depend on what we fancy at the time (boardgames not requiring any preparation - which is alway a plus point!). Of course there's still Friedrich which I'd like to get to the table but whilst there is a two player scenario I'd really like to try the full 3 player game - I'll need to polish up my persuasion skills and approach my better half!

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