Tuesday, 29 April 2014

First Play: In Her Majesty's Name

With Lenin having picked up both a copy of In Her Majesty's Name and some troops in home service uniform from Redoubt it seemed like a good opportunity to get both to the table.

We had an impromptu little scenario with Allan Quatermain and Mina Harker accompanied by some soldiers investigating the odd goings on at a nearby manor.

With reports of the owner having mania for Egyptology and having recently passed away under mysterious circumstances it was a mad scramble to recover any artefacts of interest before they fell into the hands of the infamous Baron!

The Quatermain Harker party approach the manor

The Baron and his minions arrive at the rear

Careful now Mrs Harker...

The Egyptian unleashes the mummies

The Cultists move around the other side

Alright men - let them have it!

Fighting over the sarcophagus

Mummy melee

Allan Quatermain enters the manor

The Baron decrypts one of the inscriptions

Turns out that mummies don't like it up them either...

The final showdown for the Baron
As with some of the other Osprey wargames offerings in this series, these rules aren't earth shattering in their novelty but provided an interesting game nonetheless.  At the end we were still undecided as to whether they had enough going for them to be added to our regular rules or whether future games of this type would be better served using the recent releases from Crooked Dice - watch this space...


  1. Beautiful looking table and figures. Did it all come unraveled for the mummies in the end? Cheers, Paul.

    1. Thanks Paul! It certainly did - maybe they should have kept their presence under wraps for longer...

  2. Interesting to hear your thoughts on IHMN, particularly as my copy is still gathering dust - looked fun though.

    1. There's nothing new in the rules but they are reasonably well put together. The key factor will be whether you like the alternate figure activation for each phase (movement, firing, melee) which can result in some rather "gamey" tactics. They are neither the best nor the worst of this type of rules I have played.

  3. Have you had a look at the IHMN Blog: http://inhermajestysname.wordpress.com/, or at the IHMN Board on Lead Adventure yet?
    There is lots of extra material and examples of play there to help inspire you :)

  4. Interesting. Never played the Crooked Dice rules so interested to see how you get on with them.

    1. Thanks. We've played the 7TV rules (and 7th Voyage) a couple of times and whilst they're not ground breaking they are well put together and give a fun game - of course will all these games the rules are only the foundation.

  5. Hello! Nice table board you have, there!
    I'd really be insterested in knowing where you found this manor house (or if you scratchbuilt it yourself -- in which case, congratulations! -- if so, do you still have some plans?).