Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dux Britannarium Available for Pre-Order

Too Fat Lardies have just announced that their new Dark Ages rules are now available to be pre-ordered.  The actual release date is slated to be 30 July.

The rules focus on the early Dark Age period (the Age of Arthur if you like) and are, as usual with the Lardies, card driven.  As with IABSM they will be selling professionally produced sets of cards to go with the rules (which will be normal playing card sized this time apparently).  The preview shots of the cards look rather nice and bundles of the rules and cards are available too.

People who pre-order can get hard copy and pdf along with the cards and the first 800 will get a limited edition "Arthur" figure too.

Richard Clark, the author, gives a good overview of the rules and, in particular, their easy to run campaign system on the latest Meeples & Miniatures podcast (episode 91).

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