Monday, 21 February 2011

Wargames Weekend Planning

With another visit from Lenin coming up in a couple of weeks I have been trying to put together a few games. I've got three planned which are a mix between getting new toys to the table and trying out new sets of rules. In both cases I am using the term "new" in a fairly lose way as in couple of cases I have had them a while but haven't used them! Currently on the agenda are:

28mm Sudan - a chance to try out my Perry Highlanders, Egyptians and Mahdists

28mm WW2 North Africa - new figures again, this time the Artizan Afrika Korps and Goumiers but also trying out "vanilla" Nuts! 2.0

28mm Tudor Ireland - whilst some of these figures have had an outing before, this is a bigger scenario and so will get most of my collection tabled. It's also a chance to try out the To the Banners rules and use my Warbases movement trays I have just finshed.

15mm French & Indian Wars - this is really a chance to give the Warlord Black Powder rules a go to see whether they are something we want to add to our regular rulesets. They're so nicely produced I really hope we're going to like them!

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