Monday, 21 February 2011

Project Update

With the year rushing by I thought it would be a good opportunity to pause and consider progress with my various projects.

28mm Sudan
This is progressing nicely and I am really liking the Perry figures. I am planning to keep expanding the collection slowly with my next purchases at Salute. I am thinking Yorks & Lancs and Hussars as the next phase but I'm not sure which way to go after that. The Perry's have such a wide range it is difficult to stay focussed. Mahdist cavalry are a real possibility but I would like to get some Naval Brigade or some Bashi Bazouks...

28mm Indian Mutiny
My first batch should be back from the painter shortly which will give me some more basng to do (I need to work out which foliage to pop on these!). Next I would like to add some more of the lovely Mutineer figures. Cavalry a real possibility but I would also like some Sikhs though. Then I really need to find some suitable walls for a larger siege.

28mm North Africa/Med
With the Afrika Korps and Goumiers hitting the table shortly, I have managed to pick up some more Artizan US infantry figures nicely priced on eBay. I plan to use these as US equipped French but I can also use them for more mainstream American troops both for the Med and for North West Europe (including The Big Hurt)

15mm Marlburian
After a lot of thinking I have finally plumped on some figures which I will be picking up at the Tonbridge show. These are, however, only a start and this projec is likely to run for a while. The next main decision is which rules to use, I have a few candidates but need to try them out before deciding.

28mm Montrose
After having had these figures around for quite a while but couldn't decide on which rules to use and then got distracted. I have a couple of candidates to try out and I've found some nice flags which I hope will finish the figures off. I was a little concerned about storage, especially with the pikes. With my Tudor Ireland having grown out of my Border Reiver skirmish project the figures were all individually based, making storing straightforward. The Warbases movement trays enable me to have the best of both worlds and I plan to use the same approach for the Montrose figures.

28mm Moderns
I was extremely fortunate to pick up some Mongrel Soviets and Afghans on eBay recently (handy as I understand Newline may be having problems with supply). These will allow me to do the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan but also allows me to use some of the Russians against my BAOR figures for what if WW3 scenarios in Europe.

Obviously with all these progressing I have decided to put a hold on my other ideas for the moment.


  1. I must admit I am tempted with the 28mm Montrose and Scots Armies from Warlord Games

    Especially since I have a Scottish better half

    Nice range of interests as usual

  2. My figures are Redoubt which are a bit on the large side and there are some nicer ranges out there now.

  3. There is that old cranium creak question. Is one 25mm/28mm range compatible with another - same thing in 15mm and 1/300, hmm

    Some things in wargaming don't seem to change

    If I do go for the Warlord Games range it will be a "that's it package" with a month's worth [weekend's painting]of Army Painter's products thrown it too

    One battle in particular interests me, the battle of Justice Mills in Aberdeen (since I once lived up there)

  4. With some scales and manufacturers you can get away with mixing stuff but there are some (like Redoubt) which are somewhat more difficult!

    I have all the info for Justice Mills but finding the right rules is the key.

  5. Ben's rules were good but without Ben they didn't seem to play

    The Canadian Wargames Group produced a set I used called For God, King and Country,K&K.jpg

  6. I have a copy of the CWG rules - they are a hybrid of their Medieval and F&IW rules plus they're somewhat biased in favour of Montrose IIRC

  7. I must remember to play Montrose then ;)

    Look forward to some Montrose/Justice Mills pictures

    Good luck with the rule hunting
    Cheers Al