Sunday, 10 February 2008


As with many period it can be quite different things that get you interested. In this case it was the figures more than anything else. Vendel Miniatures produce a number of excellent 28mm figure ranges and whilst I couldn't justify their Greeks I managed to convince myself that I needed their Border Reivers.


I have since extended the period with the acquisition of some of the Vendel Elizabethan Irish which I am in the process of basing.

I've tried a number of rule sets with these figures including Vendel's own Hot Trod & Red Hand, Fyre and Sword and the Antwerp Fusilier's Renaissance Raiders; however, for skirmish I think I may fall back to Two Hour Wargames' Black Powder Battles (with suitable adjustments). I'm still trying to work out which rules I will use for the Elizabethan Irish games though...

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