Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Lard!

The latest Too Fat Lardies summer special is out.  This season's edition includes:

  • Blitz to Boulogne - A complete mini-campaign for Chain of Command
  • Action at the Crooked Billet - AWI scenario for Sharp Practice
  • Glowaczow - AN IABSM scenario from 1944 with Soviets versus Germans
  • Hadgranate! - Tracing the development of hand grenade tactics in the Great War
  • At our Convenience - A mini-campaign for Mud & Blood (or Great War Chain of Command) centred on the battle of Loos in 1915
  • Fight for Sesna - A Spanish Civil War tank action for CoC Espana!
  • Straight out of Central Casting - Adding characters to your Bag the Hun games
  • Taking the Biscuit - A complete guide to using Sharp Practice for Garibaldi's 1860 campaign in Sicily. Rule suggestions and five scenarios
  • Quadrant 13, A Point System - Robert Avery provides a point system for his popular Sci-Fi rules
  • The Roundwood Report - Sidney talks Lardy Games days with three veteran organisers
  • Fork-Tailed Lardies - Using the P-38 in Bag the Hun
  • Le Hameau - A 200th anniversary Le Feu Sacre scenario
  • Hunting Charlie with Captain Jack - A Charlie Don't Surf Scenario for Vietnam
  • Arise to Lard - Applying 1940 air tactics with Bag the Hun.
  • Scotland Forever - Try to capture the Eagle with the Scots Greys at Waterloo. A complete game to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great battle.
Weighing in at 133 pages overall this should keep any Lard enthusiast quiet for a while and for £6 its looks pretty good value to me.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Recent Milestones

I've just noticed that The Wargame Shed passed 250,000 page views yesterday and my previous post was number 700.  I know my posting has been a little erratic over the last few months - largely due to "real life" - so many thanks for your continued interest.  I am currently basing up some more additions to my Indian Mutiny collection and have a couple of other posts lined up.

In addition the basing I am currently putting together an Indian Mutiny game for the Maidstone Wargames Society open day at the end of June and then it will be back to sorting out my next 15mm project - Wars of the Roses.  In the meanwhile I have decided to bulk up some of my existing WW2 collection (largely for Chain of Command) and have also started to pick up some figures for Ronin.  I am also thinking of putting together some new units for my American Civil War collection and use that as an impetus to refurbishing it (it was my first major project started over 20 years ago).  So plenty to do and lots of potential diversions on the way I'm sure!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Market Gardening

I have a little remiss in my updates of late - so a little later than planned...

Lenin popped over again recently and we played a couple of tabletop games including a slightly impromptu game of Chain of Command.  We played Scenario Six: Attack on an Objective from the rulebook and set it around Operation Market Garden.

A British Airborne platoon supported by a section and Sherman from XXX Corps are trying to capture a crossroads held by the Germans.  Lenin took the British and I prepped my defensive position (and a little surprise for them).

The Paras advance on the left...

... and the right of the road

Moving through the crops

Rushing across the open field
The Paras advanced rapidly across the whole width of the table and, whilst my troops were in hard cover, they were also lower quality and unable to concentrate their fire.

An overview showing the crossroads
I moved more men up into the upper storeys of the buildings to gain a greater arc of fire and so be able to concentrate it better.  Unfortunately Lenin then deployed his Sherman and took out the upper storey of one of the buildings entirely!

My surprise - a Tiger!
Whilst my Tiger came as an unpleasant surprise the Paras kept the initiative long enough to inflict a large quantity of casualties before I could get the Tiger into position.  When I did it shook of a couple of hits from the Sherman and a PIAT and then took out the Sherman.  But it was really too little too late as more casualties broke my force's morale and we withdrew.

Another enjoyable game of Chain of Command which presented to really interesting challenges.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Mutiny: 15th Bengal Native Infantry

I finished basing the latest addition to my Indian Mutiny collection a couple of weeks ago but didn't get around to taking any pictures.  But now here they are:

The figures are from Mutineer Miniatures, they were painted by Roger, based by me and the flag is from Grimsby Wargames Society.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Iron Duke Miniatures

For those of you interested in Indian Mutiny you should check out Iron Duke Miniatures, a new venture from Col. Mike Snook (the author of Go Strong into the Desert).  They are releasing a new range using one of my favourite sculptors, Paul Hicks:

IMBC 1 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarnocks & curtain, P1842 percussion muskets, slope arms,
IMBC 2 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarncoks & curtains, P1842 percussion muskets, charge bayonets
IMBC 3 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarnocks & curtains, Enfields, skirmishing
IMBC 4 British Inf, shirtsleeves, command
These are the first of a number of releases which will include Sikh/Punjabi infantry, 1st Madras Fusiliers and 78th Highlanders.  They are being retailed through Empress Miniatures and should also be available at Salute.

As always from Mr Hicks, these are splendid and the range fills some gaps in my existing collection but the open question is how they'll fit with my Mutineer figures.  Given that they are going to be in separate units I think I may well buy some anyway!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

WSS: French Officer

Yet another addition to my War of the Spanish Succession collection - this time it's a French officer:

As before the figure is from Black Hat, painted by Roger and based by me.

F&IW: Highlanders

The latest addition to my growing 28mm French & Indian Wars collection are some Highlanders from North Star figures:

Once again these were painted by Roger and based by me.

F&IW: Compagnies Franches de la Marine

The next addition to my 28mm French and Indian Wars collection are some Compagnies Franche de la Marine from Redoubt Enterprises:

As usual the figures were painted by Roger and based by me.


F&IW: Armed Civilians

Returning to my 28mm French and Indian Wars project I have added from armed civilians from Redoubt To populate my 4Ground buildings:
The figures were painted by Roger and based by me.


WSS: French Command Group

Almost the final figures in the latest phase of this project:

Again the figures are from Black Hat, painted by Roger and based by me.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pulp: Cultists

And now for something completely different!  I decided for a change to base up some Pulp Figures cultists which had been sitting around in a box for quite a while.  Here they are on my new Deep Cut Studio mat (all the way from Lithuania):