Sunday, 26 May 2013

1st Corps - Erhhart E-V/4

I just spotted that 1st Corps have announced the release of the Erhhart E-V/4 armoured car for Partizan:

This looks particularly interesting as it would be useful for my stalled WW1 Eastern Front project and also the interwar German revolution project which I have been thinking about starting.

I've been thinking about their Minerva armoured car to go with my Brigade Models Belgians but the separate crew only come with the later Adrian helmets and so I'd need to do some head swaps or modify some other figures.


  1. Hmmmm thanks was not aware of the 1st Corps stuff Minerva a must for my Brigade Models Belgians head swaps should be easy

    1. You're most welcome - I hope it's less of a shock for your budget and plans than it was for mine! :-)