Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Butterfly Strikes Again!

With my plans for today having been somewhat disrupted (see my last post),  I've need to try to sate my wargaming addiction other ways - which have included having a peruse of the copy of Field of Glory (Ancient & Medieval) that I picked up (for a very reasonable price) on eBay last week.

Of course this was a grave error of judgement given my trouble staying focussed on any one thing for more than 5 minutes!  So I'm now thinking about my stranded Alexandrian Macedonian project from some years ago.

I suppose the interest was actually rekindled a little looking out the figures for the club DBA tournament last year.  I came fourth with my Late Hoplite Greeks - which I thought was a reasonably creditable performance given I hadn't played DBA for at least 15 years!

 vs the Hussites

vs Polybian Romans 

vs Sub-Roman British 

vs Anglo-Saxons

Of course the tournament creates battles between opponents who could never have met historically due to time or geography (as you can see from my games above) but it's all just a bit of fun and lets everyone join in.

In looking around for an army to play I pulled out my fledgling Ancients project box and revealed the four DBA armies I had put together for it originally - Hoplite Greek, Thracian, Macedonian and Persians.  Which got me to thinking back to my original plan to grow it into a couple of decent armies for a real game.  Of course rules were the real stumbling point - I've never really been a fan of rules which try to lump everything from the dawn of time to 1485 into one period (and, yes, I know FoG falls into this category too) and was looking for some with some more real period flavour.  Having failed to find any I decided I was going to write some of my own - at which point my butterfly syndrome kicked in and I was off onto another project.

So this morning when I had a chance to have a look at the FoG rulebook I was drawn back into thinking about my plans for this project.  I've even started trying to work out the manufacturer of my existing figures so that I can expand them.

Of course FoG isn't going to fit my original plan for a period specific ruleset but given that it has a following at the club I might actually be able to get the figures to the table enough to make it worth making the "investment" in expanding my existing collection.

Mind you all of this will have to survive budget constraints and me flitting off on another flight of fancy...


  1. I like FoG, very much more than Imputus but be warned the size of a FoG army is on the large side. I had a large Persian army under WRG often played 2000+ point games with lots left over but I have found myself buying yet more figures to make up enough to fight with the options offered by FoG

    For me it's forth it though


    1. Ah, but as well all know size matters - at least when it comes to Ancient battles! Given that I'm coming from DBA anything is likely to seem a stretch - but appreciate the warning - thanks!

  2. I am well aware of the impact of the butterfly on one's plans. And by happy coincidence also have FoG Macedonian and Persian armies sitting there waiting for paint. At he moment I'm just rebasing some Renaissance figures I've acquired for FoG Renaissance. Looks like it will be a foggy year...

    1. Interesting! I've no idea whether this is one of those "sticky" projects that will actually happen in any sensible time frame! I must admit I wasn't entirely convinced by FoG(R) but it was a first game for all of us so I suspect it needs more than a single outing to properly tell.

  3. Its not a butterfly merely some Blue Sky thinking ;)