Friday, 1 February 2013

2013 Projects

Having had a rather slow start to the year (at least from a gaming perspective - real life having intervened yet again!), I was mulling over in my mind my plans for this year's projects and so I thought I would share them.

28mm French & Indian Wars

My only genuinely new project for 2013 will be Muskets & Tomahawks.  So far I have managed to pick up a copy of the rules - which look interesting hence it making it's way into the project schedule.

Figure-wise there were two options - the smaller end with Conquest and Perry miniatures or the bigger end with North Star, Galloping Major and Redoubt.  I have decided to Go Large! and will be picking up some of the North Star figures to start with.

As far as terrain goes, I already have a reasonable number of trees and the like but I need to add a river and, more importantly, some suitable buildings.  Fortunately 4Ground have released a new range of pre-finished laser cut MDF buildings which could well be an easy solution.

28mm Early WW2 Poland

The next (nearly new) project is my early World War 2 Poles.  As you may recall, if you've been following my previous wittering, I managed to get a platoon of the Bolt Action figures at a pretty reasonable price.  I am hoping to get these back from the painter in the near future.  I also picked up one of the little TKS tankettes - which is currently awaiting preparation on the workbench.

Obviously I will be using Nuts! as the rules for this one and I have the Skirmish Campaigns booklet for scenario inspiration (albeit that it's intended for the Black Brigade).  I wasn't planning on doing anything terribly specific on the terrain front and just using my new 4Ground houses etc.

28mm Montrose

So this one is anything but new - I've had the figures knocking around for many, many, many years.  But, as you may have seen, I have been slowly getting them into a fighting state.

So far I have finished the infantry for Montrose and have started on the Convenant infantry.  Then there will be some cavalry and some light artillery plus the command figures to be done.

The big question, and a contributory factor as to why this project has taken so long to get off the ground, is which rules to use.  I've never thought that standard ECW rules can really reflect the peculiarities of Montrose's battles but I don't really have much else in the way of options unless I write some myself (which is always a possibility).  On the list at the moment are For God, King and Country by the Canadian Wargamers Group, Bloody Kingdom by AB One, Pike & Shotte and To the Banners.  I'm going to give each a try and will report back.

15mm Marlburian

So if you were paying any attention over the last couple of months you'll know this was last year's main project and I've managed to finish the first phase.  I am hoping that 2013 will see the second phase making some real progress.

The second phase is essentially the same as the first phase in terms of figure quantities only this time I am planning to introduce some allied troops to both sides.  In the case of the French it will be the Irish and for the English it will be the Dutch.

Rules wise I am keen to try Maurice again and having been a little disappointed by Beneath the Lily Banners I will be looking again for a set for multi-player games.  At the moment Gå På is currently on my bedside table for another look (I'm still finding it a little less than accessible but maybe that's just me?).  I'm also wondering whether to get a copy of Captain-General by the Pike & Shot Society.  In any case it's certain that there will be more tabletop action in the War of Spanish Succession whilst phase 2 is rumbling on.

28mm Indian Mutiny
My Mutiny project from 2011 is desperately in need of a few more units.  I have some more infantry waiting for painting (Bundalee infantry, Ghazis and some Naval Brigade) but they could also do with some more Mutineers and some more cavalry - I'm particularly keen to pick up the Gentlemen Volunteers.

This is another one where I need to settle on some rules.  I have yet to give John Company a go - so that will be the next test I suspect.  Although I may give the tweaked Sharp Practice another go too.

15mm WW2

So, this one isn't new at all; however, I am planning to base up some more figures to use with I Ain't Been Shot Mum v3 which worked rather well the last time we tried it.

Obviously the new 4Ground 15mm buildings will see some use for this (after all, it's the main reason I bought them) but I do need a few more.  I have picked up some 15mm roads too though so expect to see more of this.

28mm Dark Ages

So this is really less of a project and more a bit of a chore but I've decided I really need to rebase my early and later Dark Ages figures which I'm going to be using for Dux Britanniarum and Saga respectively.  It's not that they are on the wrong sized bases on anything like that - it's rather that the bases are looking rather tired.

I also need to do a weapon refresh as a number of the later Saxons and Vikings are early Gripping Beast figures and so have those old bendy swords  (which have a habit of snapping off).

28mm Crusades

And finally there's the wildcard - I'm currently setting up a trial game of Deus Vult and it's become apparent that I don't really have enough figures for a decent sized game (don't you just hat it when that happens?).

So I am currently eyeing up the Perry Crusades range ...

... of course I may not like the rules when I play them (which will save me some cash) but I'm not sure how likely that will be!


  1. For your musket and tomahawks game check out the Russian log houses from Pegasus hobbies, excellent value. Market as 1/72 but are more suitable for 28mm figures.

    1. Thanks for the tip Scotty! I'll take a look at them.

  2. Hard to go wrong with the Perry Crusades, regardless of Deus Vult turns out....

    1. I think you're right - I've been very pleased with the other Perry figures I have had!

  3. The 28mm Montrose has caught my attention for a few years now, I "nearly" went for the Warlord Game Montrose Army last year (and the year before that to be fair) but I bottled out at the cost, I think I should plan a more scalable "bathtub" version by starting off with a few packs

    It is a "must" partly because of the old Exiles connection ... Ben's campaign and rthe Irisg brigade... but mostly because my wife is Scottish


    1. I think Montrose is a fascinating character and the battles are also very interesting. My Scottish connection is a little more direct too!

    2. Ah, yes the clue is in the title ... ;)

      Silly me
      Yes Montrose, read in a fictional book and you would laugh at it as impossible.

    3. Actually my surname's from the North of England not Scotland! :-)

      Certainly would!

  4. Your like me, Al. so many projects, so little time. :)

    1. So true! If only I were one of the idle rich I'd be able to get so much more done! :-)