Monday, 7 January 2013

War Against Japan - The Next Round

Our next game, and our last tabletop wargame in 2012, was another outing for Nuts!  This time using the War Against Japan supplement.  Fortunately Lenin had a note of the forces from our last game and so this one was set up as a continuation.

Our mission was "Advance" and our objective was to move two-thirds of our beginning forces off the far end of the table; however, the sections must be free of potential and known enemy forces, and potential enemy forces and potential contacts had to be revealed.

Lenin advanced his squad on the left and I advanced mine in the centre.  Our arrival triggered some potential contacts and it was clear that we were going to have plenty to keep us busy.

Having taken some fire from a small group in a position half way across the table resulting in one of my men going down, we co-ordinated our fire and eliminated the threat.  Lenin then proceeded to advance toward the village.  Unfortunately it wasn't unoccupied!

The Japanese took cover in the buildings and it was clear that they would have to be assaulted in order to clear them out.  I took up covering positions and laid down some suppressive fire along with the MG team whilst Lenin threw some men forward with grenades.

The first building was quickly cleared and Lenin occupied it as a jumping off point for the assault on the next building.  Once again we laid down fire and he threw three men forward with grenades.  They managed to reach the building but one fumbled his grenade and had to hit the deck to avoid becoming a casualty.  The other grenades went in but the troops in this building were more stubborn and needed a second round.

Having taken possession of this second building I moved up to support Lenin.  It was then we encountered rather a large group of Japs advancing from the nearby gully.  After several engages our combined fire with the MG team started to take its toll and they were taking some serious casualties.  We then had to deal with the two fixed positions over to the right flank - combined fire once again began to tell.

I decided it was my turn to assault and advanced two men to grenade the gully.  They came under fire but managed to drop their grenades and dealt with the majority of the remaining Japs.

So we managed to complete the mission with only one dead and three further wounded.


  1. Very nice pictures and figs!

    1. Thanks Phil - I'm please with the way it's all come together (although strictly speaking the figure actually belong to Lenin)