Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Lard!

The latest season special from the Too Fat Lardies was released just this morning (and very early too by the looks of things - I nearly missed it!)

This year it's 127 page long pdf stuffed with articles, scenarios and additional rules and ideas for most of the Lardies' rule sets.

It's available from the Lardies website for only £6.

Just to whet your appetite the contents look like this:

  • Introduction - A Festive welcome from Lard Island
  • Sea Wolves - Dux Britanniarum for the Age of Vikings (rule ideas and scenarios)
  • The Bulls of Bravo - A scenario for Charlie Don't Surf
  • “The Bounce” - A 1940 Bag the Hun scenario
  • Gunthur Mensch’s Panzer Tactics - WWII top tips for tanks
  • Panzer Angriff - A mini‐campaign for I Ain't Been Shot Mum (IABSM)
  • Invasion Earth - Building forces for Quadrant 13 (The Lardies' new SF rules)
  • The Yanks are Coming - US character generation for Through the Mud and the Blood
  • More Sturm Abteilung Vor! - Stosstruppen tactics in the Great War
  • Stosstrupptaktik! - a pre‐game scenario enhancer for Through the Mud & the Blood
  • Olkhavatka! - A Kursk scenario for IABSM
  • Breakfast at von Tiffany’s - A dawn raid in Russia, 1942/3 for Bag the Hun
  • Road to Ruins - Building WW1 ruined fortifications
  • Swedish Dux - The Stockholm Dux scene
  • WWII Kriegsspiel - Kriegspiel using the Meckel Map
  • The Roundwood Report - Sidney Roundwood's annual report
  • Lard Approved - The new Lard Approved 
  • Lovely Weather for Dux - Weather in Dux campaigns and games
  • You Dirty Rat - The roaring twenties and assembling gangster forces
  • TweetFace - A guide to staying in touch with The Lardies in the age of social media


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    1. I'm just reading through it and there's certainly quite a bit of interest here!