Saturday, 10 November 2012

2012 Plan Review

Being well into November I thought it was about time to review my progress on the plans I made back at the beginning of January.  Taking things in the order I originally outlined them:

28mm Mahdist War - as I previously posted I have completed the first phase (the Suakin Campaign) of this project with the small exception of some rough stone walls - I had hoped to have these done by now but still haven't actually started them - indeed it's this post which has got them back onto my to do list!  With the next phase (Khartoum) having been put on hold I've really not done anything on this project since June and given the number of other things I have on the go I am wondering if the next phase will even make it onto my 2013 list.

28mm Indian Mutiny - with a large part of the collection currently on the table to try out a couple of the possible rules this project has certainly advanced this year.  I picked up some Naval Brigade and Bundalee native infantry at Salute and have supplemented these with a few more figures but they are all still waiting a painting slot.  I am contemplating getting some of the volunteer horse and a couple of other bits and pieces as well - just to finish things off.

28mm WW3 - I managed to get both the BAOR and Soviets completed but still need to make and paint my BTR; however, I have used the infantry in anger a couple of times this year so it's been a result.

28mm Early War Polish - these are currently off being painted and I managed to pick up a TKS  (along with a Sdkfz 222 for the opposition) from Warlord so it's still possible this may project may reach a conclusion before year end.

15mm Marlburian - the first batches of Allied and French forces are currently on the workbench in various stages of basing.  I am hoping to have the first units of British finished very shortly so expect so see some pictures of them on the blog over the next few weeks.  I'm hoping to have some proper trial games of Maurice and Beneath the Lily Banners just after Christmas too.

28mm Montrose - rebasing is slowly progressing, as you may have been able to tell from some of my previous posts.  With the Royalists mostly done it's on to the Covenanters next, but choosing a ruleset is still the next major issue.

25mm French Revolution - "no progress" to report again I'm afraid.  This has partly been down to the intrusion of "real life" which has slowed down a number of my plans and the fact that I still haven't worked out what to use for the street terrain (and hence makes matching the basing colours somewhat problematic)

28mm RCW/WW1 Eastern Front - once again "no progress" I'm afraid plus there's not really any excuse for this one!

So that's an update on the projects I listed in January, in addition to which I have made progress on a few I hadn't listed:

28mm WW2 Paras - not only have I got my British Paras painted and based I also picked up some Bolt Action US Paras - largely because I really liked the figures.  I've always had a hankering after them despite having the same troops in 20mm...

28mm WW1 Belgians - these were the result of winning the prize draw at the Maidstone club open day.  They are Brigade Models and very nice too - they scale pretty well against the Renegade German opposition I have and so are likely to find their way onto the painting schedule early in the new year.

15mm Early WW2 - as I mentioned in June I have managed to get some more of these based but still have quite a few more to do - particularly some vehicles - so I can do some more I Ain't Been Shot Mum scenarios.

My list of possible projects for next year has, of course, changed somewhat from my June ideas:
  • 28mm French & Indian Wars (Muskets & Tomahawks)
  • 28mm Dark Ages (Saga)
  • 15mm Late WW2 (IABSM)
  • 28mm Modern Afghanistan
  • 28mm Maori Wars
  • 28mm Medieval (Otterburn or Agincourt - still not decided!)
I have no doubt this will change again before I commit to the actual list in January!


  1. Looking forward to see the WSS figs!

    1. I'm working on them now (well not exactly now as I'm actually typing this - but this morning anyway!)