Monday, 24 September 2012

Ancient (Greek) Heroes

For our next game Lenin decided to do something different - Greek Myth.  This had been intended as the final evening game but with one chap dropping out we moved it up to number three in the schedule.    It was a chance to try the Ancient Heroes skirmish rules from Foundry's Tribes of Legends books.

The scenario was relatively straightforward, each of us had a small but varied band wanting undisputed control of the temple in the centre of the table.  The one who could hold it for three turns was the winner.  First we had to decide whether we were going to be Noble, Drunken or Mischievous - that determined which character types we could take from humans, centaurs, satyrs and harpies.  Each type has different fighting skill, armour and special abilities.

I chose a drunken band and ended up with a mix of centaurs and satyrs who had an unfortunate habit of staggering towards the nearest vineyard at the end of each turn!

As it was my centaur was the first to enter the temple but could I hold it?

Unfortunately, the answer was no.  I ended up fighting off two other bands but was so weakened that the final band was triumphant - well at least they were Amazons!

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