Monday, 24 September 2012

Action at the Farm Moedwil

Our second game allowed us to venture into the Boer War.

Colonel Kekewich's column, chasing the guerillas, has set up a base camp at the Farm Moedwil whilst reconnoitering the countryside to the west of Johannesburg.  The 27th Devonshires are on picket duty at 05:00 when they spot movement across the veldt.

Warning shots are fired before the Boers fall on the ill prepared pickets and the camp stands to.  The Sherwood Foresters gather around their tents awaiting orders.

The Boers have come in force and their accurate fire takes it's toll on the British troops.  They advance across the river and take up positions using the bank as cover.

But the massed volleys from the British lines takes it toll and some of the Boers fall back to the rocky ground.  Unfortunately for the British they keep up the well aimed rifle fire and more men fall.  A couple of units fall back to take cover in the farm buildings.

In the end the Boer attack stalls but with the British having taken heavy casualties.


  1. Great looking game, Al - colonial wars is an area I am considering moving onto, with THW's Colonial Adventures ;)

  2. Thanks. I must admit the Boer War isn't one I know too much about - my main colonial period is really the Sudan. I've been using Colonial Adventures and whilst I do like them the melee can end up being a bit last man standing with high Rep locals!

  3. Good looking game Alan I'm thinking about next year to build my self a 10mm Boer army.just to let you know veldt is spelled veld.


    1. Thanks Crazy! Whose figures and which rules are you thinking of? I must admit smaller scales seem to make more sense for the Boer War to get the best range of games. BTW veldt is an accepted alternative spelling here in the home of the mother tongue! :-)

    2. I'm looking at Pendraken figs which they do in 10mm and they have a large range in Boer war.I'm doing it in 10mm as I want to have a feel of space on the table just like South Africa. I just got myself Battles of Empire 1870-1902 rule set, I love these rules as it gives a good feel for the period.Let me know want you think of them.


    3. The Pendraken stuff is nice and I think you're right about the space issue - I've even seen games in 6mm. I enjoy Battles for Empire (they're the ones Iron regularly uses IIRC). I believe the Two Fat Lardies have a set in the works but who knows when they might see the light of day.