Friday, 24 August 2012

Wargaming Weekend: The Chronicles of the Dux Britanniarum

In the 477th year of our Lord the Saxons came to the Kingdom of Rhegin.  Theomund, known in their tongue as the Devout, and his followers Eadlyn the Thrifty and Halig led their pagan horde to raid our lands.

Thanks be to the Lord that Albanus the Righteous answered the call in out time of need.  Along with his Comanipulares, he gathered to him that man mountain, Ursus the Hairy, and the noble Philippus along with their Milites.  Together they raised the local Numeri and raced to meet the pagan foe.

Theomund had consulted their pagan gods but despite the bad omens pressed on.  Albanus chose to fortify the men with ale before the fight.

The heathen force approached the village from the east whilst our valiant men came from through the woods to the north.  Both knew that whilst the river was crossable, the bridge was the key.

The Saxons are coming!

The Saxons advanced across the moorland and part of their force marched straight for the river bridge and the village beyond.

The pagan horde advances

Our forces advanced through the woods towards the village, hoping to reach it before the enemy.

Albanus and his Comanipulares

The Saxons reach the bridge

The Saxons gained the bridge and advanced into the village just as Albanus reached it.
The Saxons enter the village

The Saxons charged into the Comanipulares and battle was joined.  The British held the charge and pushed the Saxons back.  Then Albanus decided to Carpe Diem and ordered A Strong Arm and missiles were thrown before the charge.  It was at this moment that Marcus the Champion became a Hero of the Age as he cut down the foe left and right.  The Saxons were thrown back in disarray and the British advanced across the corpse strewn ground.

Then Theomund rallied the Saxons and combat commenced anew.  But Ursus and his men had now arrived and reinforced the British line.

The Thick of Battle

The battle was bravely fought and many men fell but the weight of the British numbers carried the day. The Saxons tried to cross the river and outflank the main British force but Philippus blocked their way and with the main Saxon force defeated in the village their moral broke and the fled the field.

The Saxons cross the river (the hard way!)

The British pursued the fleeing Saxons and the land was made safe once again.

This was our first game of Dux Britanniarum and it played extremely well.  The campaign system seems to deliver what was promised and the tabletop game is easy to pick up and overall it delivers a nice narrative.  I think the card play can have a larger impact than some of the other of the Lardy rules - as can be seen from my playing of the Carpe Diem card and a run of other Dragon suit cards which combined gave me quite a punch in the combat.  These are definitely going to be hitting the table again.

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