Saturday, 28 May 2011

The One of Our Satellites is Missing Affair - Episode 1 - Access Denied

Our last game of the weekend was a first outing for 7TV, the new cult TV rules which Lenin had picked up at Salute.  He picked one of the scenarios from the rule book to start us off:

Satellites are going missing. Clues lead our heroes to investigate a private factory, but attempts to enter are blocked by heavy-handed security. Unwilling to wait for their bureaucratic superiors to get official access, the heroes disable the security systems and sneak in. Can they find further evidence of their enemy’s plans?

With two male heroes at my disposal I named them, rolled up their stats and decided on the gadgets - and so Wellington Duo and Vasya Pupkin were born...
Initially our infiltration of the compound went well.  Despite the awkward routes that the seven guards adopted the two agents managed to get to the lab.  Vasya broke out his lock picking kit and opened the main door and they were inside.
After some extensive searching around, the key information was found and a swift exit was made.  It was at this point that things started to go a little awry.  Whilst they were hiding under one of the walkways to avoid the guards above one of the other ground level guards spotted them and opened fire!
Unfortunately neither Duo nor Pupkin were armed with anything more than pistols and so the guard out ranged them; however his aim was a little off so they managed to slip round to the other side of the supporting column.

At this point the guards above spotted them and they came under a hail of fire from the walkway and one of the chemical tanks.  The two agents split up with Wellington rushing around the chemical tank and Vasya fixing a device to the column.  Once attached Vasya sprinted away and there was an enormous explosion as the micro explosive detonated.  The walkway collapsed eliminating the guard on it and blocking the way of the ground level guard; leaving the one on top of the chemical tank as the only immediate problem (the other four guards rushing to the scene were a future issue!).
Meanwhile Wellington donned his climbing suckers and ascended the side of the tank away from the ladder and behind the guard.  Reaching the top he fired his automatic and the guard tumbled dramatically off the tank.

Pupkin had taken refuge behind some barrels but he was discovered by another guard, who had be sent to investigate by the chief henchman.  He easily dispatched the guard but then had to engage in a deadly game of hide and seek to avoid the main heavy.  Slipping away he managed to sprint out of sight and find cover behind some pipes.  Meanwhile Wellington was making his way undetected via a rather circuitous path to join up with him.

The chief henchman wasn't fooled for long and accompanied by another guard started a to search for Vasya.  With discovery imminent Vasya used his miniature laser to cut through one of the pipes near the guards and the contents burst out and almost immediately caught fire.  The guard caught the full force of the blast but the chief henchman was only thrown to the ground.
Under cover of the explosion Duo and Pupkin moved position to nearer the perimeter fence close to where they had originally cut their way in.  But the henchman had only been winded and after picking himself up and dusting himself down he advanced on their position.  Turning the corner he spotted them and took a swing at Pupkin.  Fortunately it missed and Vasya leapt to defend himself.  The two evenly matched opponents circled each other punching and blocking with Vasya using his knowledge of pressure points to try to land a knock out blow.  The henchman was fighting with less finesse but his brute strength was impressive.  Finally Wellington took an opportunity and landed a crippling blow and the two agents were able to escape not only with the information but also with the film from Vasya's miniature camera.

All in all a really fun game and 7TV are likely to return to the table in the not too distant future.


  1. I have to get some more models and then have a game of this.

  2. Sounds like a super-fun game. Great report. Wellington Duo is another superb character name -- you have a knack for these!

  3. I enjoyed the game and it accommodates the gadgets without breaking it which is nice. Although you can still be frustrated by a duff dice roll which can break the narrative flow a little - other than moving to an exclusively umpire driven set I'm not sure how you could do much else.

    Now wondering whether there are more periods these could be applied to...

  4. Looking forward to Episode II and the obligatory glamorous and sexy female double agent

    Sorry am I showing signs of mid-life crisis here?

    It started with watching episodes of Top Gear, harmless I thought at first