Sunday, 24 April 2011

Salute 2011

Like a very large number of other gamers I visited Salute again this year.  Initially I had thought that arriving very early (due to the trains I wanted not being run on a Saturday - thanks Southeastern!) was going to be a bit of a nuisance; however, judging from some of the comments I have seen from others much further back in the Q-Buster queue I think I was actually quite lucky.

As usual there was plenty of interest (photos of a couple of the games that caught my eye are below) and I managed to pick up the additions to my Indian Mutiny and Sudan projects that I was looking for - which was nice.  I'm not sure whether there were as many people there this year - it felt a little less crowded but that by itself can be a little misleading.  In any event I met up with quite a few friends I hadn't seen in a while which certainly made the trip worthwhile.

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