Saturday, 4 December 2010

First Look: The Big Hurt

With Two Hour Wargames offering a discount on their second edition Nuts! Rules I thought I would pick up a copy (we've been using a mix of the original, CR3.0 and our own interpretations). Whilst I was looking I spotted another scenario book - The Big Hurt - and thought it was worth a look.

The Big Hurt (TBH) is a scenario book for Nuts! Second edition by Darby Eckles that covers the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest from September 1944 to February 1945. The secenarios are intended to be played from the US side with the system runnng the German forces and they link together to make a campaign. You are intended to develop a single detailed infantry squad which may be reinforced in any individual scenario and follow the squad through their various encounters.

TBH is 47 pages long and contains 21 scenarios along with some background, a few additional rules and all the necessary stats and tables. There are some sections from the main rules reproduced for ease, for example those on the Non-Player forces mechanics but access to the main ruleset is a necessity.

The scenarios are designed to be played on a 5' x 3' table and each scenario map is appropriately covered by a 6" grid to make layout easy. Each scenario covers approximately 1 page (in the usual THW two column format) and is split into Situation, Objective, Forces, Terrain, Deployment and Special Instructions sections.

The whole thing looks pretty well put together and I am looking foward to playong through it once I have the appropriate toys procured!


  1. Nice one, Al, I too am getting into CR 3.0 and like it a lot. Looking forward to seeing your AARs!

    All the best,

  2. I think it's hands down the best modern skirmish system out there but it does have a bit of a learning curve!

    The only thing I am not keen on is having to mark the figures but that's really only an aesthetic issue (of course I could have every figure in every pose but that does seem a little expensive!)

    I think it's more likely that there will be AARs for either Peiper at the Gates or Clash of the Titans before TBH (as I already have all the kit for those!)

  3. WWII wargaming is making a major come back. I am very into the new version of rapid fire at the mo.